Think Pair Share - Definition & Meaning

Think Pair Share is a cooperative learning strategy that encourages active engagement and collaboration among students. It involves a three-step process where students first think individually about a question or prompt, then pair up with a classmate to discuss their thoughts, and finally share their ideas with the larger group.

During the "think" phase, students are given time to reflect on a specific question or problem independently. This allows them to process their thoughts and generate initial responses. Next, students pair up with a partner to discuss their ideas, share perspectives, and potentially deepen their understanding through dialogue and exchange of thoughts.

After the pair discussion, students are given the opportunity to share their ideas with the larger group. This can be done through whole-class discussions, presentations, or sharing in smaller groups. Sharing promotes active listening, reinforces learning, and encourages students to consider different viewpoints.

The Think Pair Share strategy fosters critical thinking, communication skills, and active participation. It promotes student engagement, peer learning, and a supportive learning environment. By incorporating Think Pair Share into instruction, educators can facilitate deeper understanding, enhance communication skills, and encourage students to become active contributors to their own learning process.

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