Performance Assessment - Definition & Meaning

Performance assessment is an evaluation method that assesses students' knowledge, skills, and abilities by observing their performance on real-world tasks or demonstrations. Unlike traditional tests, which rely on multiple-choice or short-answer questions, performance assessments require students to apply their knowledge and skills to practical contexts.

Performance assessments can take various forms, such as presentations, projects, simulations, portfolio reviews, or hands-on tasks. They often involve open-ended prompts or scenarios that allow students to showcase their understanding and problem-solving abilities.

Performance assessments offer a more authentic and comprehensive evaluation of student learning. They provide insights into students' critical thinking, creativity, communication, and practical application of knowledge, which are not easily captured through traditional testing methods.

Implementing performance assessments requires clear criteria and rubrics to ensure consistent and fair evaluation. It also involves providing students with constructive feedback to support their continuous growth and improvement.

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