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A proctor is an individual who oversees and maintains the integrity of examinations or assessments. Proctors ensure that the assessment environment is secure, monitor test-takers for any signs of misconduct, and enforce the rules and regulations set by the educational institution or examination board.

Proctors can be present in physical test centers, where they supervise paper-based or computer-based exams. In the case of online assessments, proctors may monitor remotely through video conferencing or specialized proctoring software. Their role is to prevent cheating, ensure a fair testing environment, and uphold the credibility of the assessment process.

Proctors may perform various tasks, including verifying test-taker identities, explaining instructions, monitoring for unauthorized materials or behaviors, and reporting any suspected violations or irregularities during the assessment.

The presence of a proctor provides reassurance to students and educational institutions that the assessment process is conducted with integrity and fairness. Proctors play a crucial role in upholding academic standards, maintaining security, and preserving the value of the assessment results.

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