Hybrid Classes - Definition & Meaning

Hybrid classes, also known as blended learning or hybrid learning, are educational courses that combine in-person instruction with online learning activities. In a hybrid class, students engage in both face-to-face interactions with instructors and peers and virtual learning experiences through digital platforms or online resources.

Hybrid classes offer a flexible and dynamic learning environment that integrates the benefits of traditional classroom instruction and online learning. The combination of in-person and online components allows for a variety of teaching methods, promotes active learning, and accommodates different learning styles and preferences.

In a hybrid class, students may attend scheduled in-person sessions for lectures, discussions, or hands-on activities, while also accessing course materials, assignments, and online discussions through a learning management system or other online platforms. This blended approach provides opportunities for collaborative learning, self-paced study, and the integration of technology-enhanced resources.

Hybrid classes can enhance student engagement, promote independent learning, and provide flexibility for students with diverse schedules or learning needs. They also offer the advantages of face-to-face interactions and immediate feedback from instructors while leveraging the convenience and accessibility of online resources.

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