Hybrid Learning - Definition & Meaning

Hybrid learning, also known as blended learning, is an instructional approach that combines face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning experiences. It integrates traditional in-person teaching methods with digital technologies and resources, providing students with a flexible and personalized learning environment.

In a hybrid learning model, students engage in a mix of in-person and online activities. This may involve attending lectures or discussions in a physical classroom while also accessing course materials, participating in online discussions, and completing assignments through a learning management system or other online platforms.

Hybrid learning offers several benefits, such as increased flexibility, personalized pacing, and opportunities for interactive and collaborative online learning. It allows students to access learning materials and resources at their own convenience, while still benefiting from in-person interactions and guidance from the instructor.

Effective hybrid learning experiences involve careful planning, clear communication, and the integration of online and offline components that complement and enhance one another. It requires the thoughtful design of learning activities and assessments that leverage the strengths of both in-person and online modalities.

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