Academic Standing - Definition & Meaning

Academic standing refers to a student's status or position in relation to their academic performance and progress within an educational institution. It indicates whether a student is meeting the institution's academic standards and making satisfactory progress toward completing their degree or program.

There are typically three main categories of academic standing:

Good Standing: Students who meet the institution's academic requirements and maintain satisfactory grades are considered to be in good standing. They are eligible to continue their studies without any academic restrictions.

Academic Probation: Students whose academic performance falls below the institution's minimum standards may be placed on academic probation. During this period, they may be required to meet specific conditions, such as improving their GPA or meeting with an academic advisor, to regain good standing.

Academic Dismissal: If a student's academic performance does not improve while on probation or if they fail to meet the conditions set by the institution, they may face academic dismissal. Academic dismissal results in the student's loss of enrollment privileges in that institution.

Academic standing helps educational institutions monitor student progress, identify those who may need additional support, and maintain academic integrity.

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