Active Learning - Definition & Meaning

Active learning is an instructional approach that engages students in the learning process through active participation, collaboration, and hands-on activities. It moves away from traditional passive learning methods where students passively receive information and instead encourages them to actively construct knowledge, apply concepts, and interact with the learning material.

In active learning, students take an active role in their education by engaging in discussions, problem-solving exercises, group projects, simulations, experiments, or other interactive activities. This approach fosters deeper understanding, critical thinking skills, and the ability to transfer knowledge to real-world contexts.

Active learning encourages students to think critically, ask questions, and seek solutions. It promotes engagement, motivation, and a deeper sense of ownership over the learning process. By actively participating and collaborating with peers, students can develop effective communication skills, teamwork abilities, and a broader perspective on various topics.

Educators who employ active learning strategies create dynamic and stimulating learning environments that cater to diverse learning styles and encourage students to take responsibility for their learning. By incorporating active learning methods, educators can inspire curiosity, boost retention, and enhance overall learning outcomes.

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