Assessment Balance - Definition & Meaning

Assessment balance refers to the thoughtful and equitable distribution of various types of assessments to measure students' learning and academic progress. A well-balanced assessment approach incorporates a mix of formative and summative assessments, as well as different assessment methods to evaluate students' knowledge and skills.

Formative assessments are ongoing and occur during the learning process. They provide feedback to both students and educators, helping to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, guide instructional adjustments, and promote continuous improvement.

Summative assessments, on the other hand, occur at the end of a learning period and evaluate students' overall understanding and achievement of learning outcomes. They are often used for grading and making high-stakes decisions, such as course grades or program completion.

By using a balanced approach to assessment, educators gain a comprehensive understanding of students' progress and learning needs, which allows for more effective and targeted instruction.

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